God picks the Ravens to win the SuperBowl


In a statement released by Pope Benedict this morning, God contacted the pontiff last night with a message picking the Baltimore Ravens to win SuperBowl XLVII by 3 points against the San Francisco 49ers. Excerpt from God’s statement below:

“Each team has done a lot of praying, but the prayers of the Baltimore Ravens organization have been much louder and intense. It is only fair that this SuperBowl win goes to Baltimore.”

Though God makes no reference to it, some San Francisco fans are blaming this future loss on the people of the city, many of which are gay. “It’s not fair. As long as this city has one of the highest concentrations of homosexuals God will never pick us to win a Championship,” says 49ers fan Wayne Black. But a recent MLB Championship win by the San Francisco Giants in 2010 flies in the face of that argument.

“There is no reason to doubt God’s word,” says Baltimore Pastor Sam Gibbons. Many of the Ravens players and their families frequent his church located in downtown Baltimore. “God picks those who succeed based on how much we believe in him.”